Accessory Parts Gaskets, gauge glass, valves, & various piping material


Boiler Controls



Honeywell, Fireye, McDonnell Miller, Heat-Timer, Tekmar,


Boiler Feedwater Systems



Western Power Equipment Corp. specialized fabrication

Boiler Condensate Systems



Burks / Crane Systems

Boiler Chemical Feed Systems



Neptune Chemical pumps & systems


Blue & White Chemical pumps & systems

Boiler Chemical Treatment



CH2O Boiler chemical treatments

Taylor Boiler chemical treatments

Boiler Flue / Vent Material





Cain Industries
Stack Heat Recovery
Boiler, Ovens, Incinerators, Engines

Expansion Joints


Adsco Expansion Joints
and Engineered Flexible Hose

Cooling Towers




Burks / Crane Pump & Systems

Burks Feed & Booster Pumps
Western Power feed water tanks
Chemical feed systems

Taco Circulator, In-line, Single Stage and Multi-stage pumps

Grundfos Circulator, In-line, Single Stage and Multi-stage pumps





Pennsylvania Separator Corp.
Blowdown, inline & flash separators
Exhaust Silencers
Flash economizers or continuous Blowdown

Griswold Separators

Steam Traps


Armstrong Inverted Steam Bucket Traps, Float & Thermostatic

Tank Cleaning Equipment


Sellers /Crane Pump & Systems: Internal & External rotary high pressure cleaning equipment.

Water Treatment


Alamo Softeners Reverse Osmosis, Demineralization


Culligan / Bruner Softeners