Production time is critical. Downtime is expensive.


Every minute of downtime can cost you time, money, and lost productivity when you suffer a major failure in your existing steam plant. If your boiler cannot be brought back on-line quickly, a rental unit from Western Power is the ideal solution.


Typical Applications for Rentals:


Emergencies Testing

Seasonal Requirements During Repairs

New Equipment Delays Construction

Turnarounds Natural Disasters

Planned Downtime Inadequate Capacity

During Equipment Replacement Plant Remodeling

As Backup Units Capital Spending Restrictions

Shutdowns Research & Development


Western Power Equipment Corp. features a complete line of portable boilers that can be brought on location within a short period of time.


Rent just the boiler or choose one of our self-contained mobile steam plants; complete with feed system, water softener, chemical feed system, blow-down separators, all piped and wired. Western Power Equipment offers systems ranging from 3 HP all the way up to 500 HP.


Rental boilers are available in three distinct packaging arrangements:

        Mobile Boiler Rooms

        Skid Mounted Systems

        Boilers alone


To help assist your requirements, we have provided the following questionnaire. When completed, transmit this information back to us via e-mail to and we will contact you with a price and availability quotation.


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